Figma – Online Tool For Interface Design

Figma is a web-based design tool with real-time collaboration. It works in any modern browser and therefore is available for everyone.
It is free for individuals. They have a bigger potential customer base and can focus on adding new features. Figma prototyping has super powers.

Some features of Figma
– Team Libraries. You can share and update collections of components across projects.
– Components. Symbols is similar to Sketch, but more flexible and easier to design with.
Multiplayer Collaboration. Multiple people can collaborate in real time. Similar to Freehand.
– Version Control. Figma includes version history for all collaborators. You can roll back to or fork from a previous state.
– Developer Handoff. Developers can get dimensions, styles, and download icons and images from the project URL.
– Built-in Commenting. Anyone with the link can add comments anywhere on the design,  also you can tag people in comments, mark comments as resolved.
– Prototyping. Figma has a clickable prototyping feature that’s similar to Craft + InVision.
– Constraints. It is similar to resizing in Sketch, but more intuitive.

Figma is available online on Mac, Windows or Linux.

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