Top 3 free tools for web animation

Create awesome animation for your projects. In this post we  publish top 3 free tools for web animation.

With Animate.css, you can easily animate any element with only one line of code.
There are two ways to get up and running with Animate.css. The first way is to download it from the website.
The second option for getting started is to use a CDN. You can find this here.
Animate.css is a small library of CSS animations, which can be used to add subtle  animations to elements in your page.

KUTE.js is a cross browser Javascript animation library developed to provide an easy to use API to create high performance animation for websites and other apps.

KUTE.js focuses on performance and memory efficiency while animating different elements on a webpage.
When creating your animation using KUTE.js, you need to define tween objects. These tween objects provide all the animation-related information for a given element or elements. This includes the element itself, the properties that you want to animate, the duration of the animation, and other attributes like the repeat count, delay, or offset.

You can use the .to() method or the .fromTo() method in order to animate a set of CSS properties from one value to another.

KUTE.js covers all modern browsers with fallback options for legacy browsers. When using polyfills and the right browser detection you can manage all kinds of fallback animations for legacy browsers.

KUTE.js comes with a CSS Plugin, a SVG Plugin.
Important thing of KUTE.js is very well documentation.

See cool demo here


Anime.js is a JavaScript animation library. You can use it to create animations on the web. It works with any individual CSS transforms, CSS Properties, SVG or any DOM attributes, and JavaScript Objects.

Beyond simple animations, like moving an object around the page, you can also create pretty complex animation.

Anime.js features:
CSS transforms: Animate CSS transforms individually.
Function based values: Multiple animated targets can have individual value.
SVG Animations: Motion path, line drawing and morphing animations.
Easing functions: Use the built in functions or create your own Cubic Bézier curve easing.
Keyframes: Chain multiple animation properties.
Timeline: Synchronize multiple instances together.
Playback controls: Play, pause, restart, seek animations or timelines.

You can see many demos and examples on Codepen


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