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Pushbullet – connects your devices

Pushbullet Pushbullet is an  app and extension that you need.It is available for Android, iOS,  Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera  Pushbullet connects your phone with your PC  which means whenever you got text messages then you don’t need to pick your cell […]

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OpenShot – Free Video Editor

OpenShot OpenShot Video Editor is a free and open-source video editor for Linux, macOS, and Windows.OpenShot allows you to manipulate video, audio, and images in a non-linear fashion.You can use it to create and edit […]

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3 most popular code editors for 2018

In this post we listed 3 most popular code editors for 2018.Code editors can be a great help for developers to increase the speed and efficiency as they work which further helps in avoiding some […]