GIMP 2.10 – New version – new Features

GIMP  is the most popular free open source application for creating and processing Raster Graphics . It is used for retouching and editing images, free drawing, resizing and cropping images, converting them into different formats, and many other specialized tasks.
In this post we are published 6 new features that comes in new version 2.10.

GIMP 2.10  have more options to change up how your GIMP looks – with new icon sets, new layout options, new theme colors. There are now 4 user interface themes available in GIMP: Dark (default), Gray, Light, and System.

Color management is now a core feature of GIMP rather than a plug-in. This made it possible, in particular, to introduce color management to all custom widgets. Gimp 2.10 allowing for higher-quality images to be edited with more precision at faster speeds.
You’ll see a better representation of colors on your canvas while you edit.

GIMP is making its transform tools faster and giving them more functionality . This will improve your workflow and make it easier to perform transformations on your image.

Some of the new GEGL-based filters are specifically targeted at photographers: Exposure, Shadows-Highlights, High-pass, Wavelet Decompose, Panorama Projection and others will be an important addition to your toolbox.

GIMP has made feature bug-free, thus allowing users to seamlessly open RAW images into GIMP without needing to manually set up third party RAW plugins.

GIMP 2.10 new feature that allows some GEGL-based filters to render on-canvas controls. For now, this applies to just three filters: Spiral, Supernova, and Panorama Projection.  There will be more in the future

GIMP is much more than an image editor.

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