Flutter – Google Framework- Build native apps in record time

If you’re an developer, especially Android developer, you may have heard of Flutter.
It’s a relatively new simple Google framework designed for making cross-platform native apps.
It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS.
Flutter makes it easy to get started building beautiful apps, with its rich set of Material Design and Cupertino (iOS) widgets and behaviors. Flutter implements platform-specific scrolling, navigational patterns, fonts, and more.

Flutter has a new architecture that includes widgets that look good, are fast, and customizable. Flutter does not use OEM widgets beacuse its provides own widgets.

You’ll write your Flutter apps in Dart. Dart syntax should look familiar if you already know Java, JavaScript, C#, or Swift. Dart is compiled using the standard Android and iOS toolchains for the specific mobile platform where your app needs to run.
More about Dart you can check on this link:   Dart programming language | Dart

>> Introducing Flutter

Try Flutter today. Getting started is easy.


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