Bulma – Responsive modern CSS framework based on Flexbox

Did you heard about Bulma CSS framework?
Bulma is a free and open source CSS framework that allow developers to quickly build web interfaces easy. The modern design and layout features Bulma offers were the main reasons we chose to use it.

Why choose Bulma?

Bulma provides many great features:
– Responsive: Mobile first framework similar to Bootstrap
– Flexbox based: Makes creating grid items and vertically aligned things really easy.
– Simple grid system: To build a Bulma grid, you only need a single .columns container to wrap as many .column items as you want.
– Font Awesome 5 support: Bulma is compatible with both Font Awesome 4 and Font Awesome 5 thanks to the .icon element.
– 100+ useful CSS helpers
Bulma ships with more than 100 helpers to specify color, display, and spacing.
– Modular: Built with Sass. Only import the features that you’ll use for your project.
– Well documented: It is very important reason why choose this CSS framework.​

Try and you will se how powerfull is this CSS framework.

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